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Im the first one to post on this community.
I love this show.
Hulk Hogan reminds me of my dad.
Anyways. Love y'all!
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lol the show rocks - i love it!
its my new favourite!
I <3 Brooke. And Hogan reminds me of my dad, too! lol.
yeah brooke is awesome! they all are!
he does? thats cool. i love hulk, he's been my idol since before i can remember.
How do you feel about him now in light of the jail
audiotape scandal, that is the jailhouse telephone conversation
between the family and son Nick over a future "re-alty" show
(the way Nick pronounces it rather than "reality") for him
instead of showing more concern for the Iraqi War veteran
he put in a coma by drinking and drag racing--also blaming the victim!

After their "remorse" in open court they later trashed the victim when
they should have thought about the fact their talk was being monitored?!